Masters of Hardcore VR live experience: The Scenes

During the Masters of Hardcore VR live experience you will be taken into the virtual world of Masters of Hardcore – Raiders of Rampage. From a first person perspective you move through this thematic world in mighty Viking ships, from the battlefields to the courtyards. On the way you can check out exclusive live sets with superior shows, and you have the opportunity to meet up with your friends, interact with fans from all over the world and do various activities. After the “live experience” you can relive it at any time.

In the virtual world of Masters of Hardcore: Raiders of Rampage you will venture through 4 different scenes: The Journey, The Landing, The Forest and The Courtyard.

Scene 1 – The Journey (with Miss K8)

Gather on a majestic Viking ship packed with fellow warriors and get ready for a ruthless rampage. The most vicious female warrior in hardcore history will guide you on this first part of your journey.

In this scene you will find yourself on the deck of a Viking ship where you will be able to walk around, cross the entire length and width of the ship, chat with friends and other fans and rave to the furious set of Miss K8.

Scene 2 – The Landing (with Mad Dog)

After a traitorous voyage, all ships will land on the shore. On the frontline fights a furious warrior. Are you ready to join your fellow warriors on this mission? Take up your arms and follow the lead of Mad Dog!

In this scene you have made it to the shore. Here all troops will come together to prepare for the battle that lies ahead. The vast strip of beach is waiting to be explored; walk around, climb on top of the lookout to spot your enemies and rave to Mad Dog’s massive set.

Scene 3 – The Forest (with DRS)

Prepare to conquer all as your campaign continues inland through the dense forest of these new territories. Get ready to crash the gate and follow the path of destruction with the fearless DRS. Meet up with your fellow warriors underneath the trees and rave to the destructive sounds of DRS.

In this third scene your journey continues through the forest of this new land. Join DRS on this quest for glory and scout the area.

Scene 4 – The Courtyard (with Angerfist)

After the ultimate rampage you will reach your final destination: the courtyard. Don’t hesitate to crush all that stand in your way. Submit, strike and raise your first. Witness the final deathblow by Angerfist.

In the fourth and final scene of the Masters of Hardcore VR live experience you will have reached your final destination: the courtyard. Here you must face your enemies and conquer all. Explore the courtyard and all of its splendor, crush your foes and rave to Angerfist’s closing set.